Åre Races Preview

The village of Åre and its surroundings have a long alpine tradition and the tourist industry has been an important source of income for the village since the mid-1800s.

Interest in winters in Åre increased in the 1900s and the construction of the funicular, Bergbanan, in 1910 was Åre’s start as a winter resort. The Second World War temporarily stopped development, but during the 1950s and 60s Åre, just like much of the rest of Europe, started to recover. Åre’s true golden years began at the end of the 1970s and, thanks to Ingemar Stenmark and the "Åre Project", which facilitated huge investment in Åre, interest boomed in the ski resort.

Nowadays, Åre, a small and rural town located in the Jämtland region, in the midst of the Swedish mountains, and with 1400 inhabitants, welcomes around 800 000 visitors yearly. Around 11,000 of Jämtland’s 126,000 inhabitants live in Åre Municipality. The county is about the same size as Switzerland (which has eight million inhabitants).

Åre has hosted the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships three times, the last one in 2019.

Åre first hosted the Alpine World Ski Championships in 1954.

In 2007, once again, Åre hosted the Alpine World Ski Championships. The 2007 Championships made a permanent impression on Åre’s ski system and the village, as a new Ladies’ Downhill was built, commercial space doubled and a 130-meter-long tunnel replaced the bridge that once led the world championship slopes across the E14. The 39th Alpine World Ski Championships was a success for both the host and the Swedish team.

Åre also has great experience organizing Alpine World Cup races. Åre Slalomklubb and Världscupbolaget have organized more than 100 World Cup races over the years, with great success. Thanks to the now legendary Åre son Bibbo Nordenskiöld’s initiative, an Alpine World Cup was first held in Åre in 1969.

Åre Program

Slalom. Friday, March 12th, 1st run 13:30, 2nd run 16:30 (CET)

Slalom. Saturday, March 13th, 1st run 10:30, 2nd run 13:45 (CET)

Mikaela Shiffrin won the last slalom event held in the World Cup, in Jasna. It was her 69th World Cup victory. Shiffrin has won 45 World Cup slalom events, which is already an all-time record among men and women.

In her last 49 slalom participation in the World Cup, Shiffrin finished on the podium 45 times (36 wins).

Shiffrin won the slalom crystal globe six times, a joint-record among women alongside Vreni Schneider. On the men's side, only Ingemar Stenmark (8) and Marcel Hirscher (6) have won at least six slalom crystal globes.

Shiffrin has won four World Cup slalom events in Åre, joint-most for her in a single ski resort. The only women who won more than four World Cup slalom events at a single venue were Vreni Schneider (6) and Anja Pärson (5) both in Maribor. Shiffrin also won the slalom at the world championships in Åre in 2019.