Flachau Men's Slalom Races Preview

After the cancellation of Wengen races, two of the three races set to take place there were moved to Kitubühel. But the joy of two World Cup weekends with a total of five races in Kitzbühel only lasted for a short time. Today, the two Slaloms rescheduled for this weekend on the Ganslernhang racecourse have been moved to Flachau on the same dates. At the request of the Austrian government and the Tirol provincial government to provide more time to carry out the necessary tests to ensure a safe environment, the races were moved to Flachau, and will be held in the Hermann Maier racecourse.

"The two World Cup races taken over from Wengen have been canceled for safety reasons. This is a precautionary measure", Tirol's Governor Günther Platter said.

The rest of the scheduled races in Kitzbühel are currently set to go ahead as planned.

Flachau Program:

Slalom. Saturday, January 16th, 1st run 9:30, 2nd run 12:30 (CET)

Slalom. Sunday, January 17th, 1st run 10:30, 2nd run 13:45 (CET)

The first Men's World Cup races were held in Flachau in 1996. Italian ski star Alberto Tomba took second place behind the Swiss man Urs Kaelin in the Giant Slalom before winning the Slalom the day after. In this World Cup race, a new star appeared on the world cup horizon. A local skier from Flachau called Hermann Maier achieved great times as a forerunner in both runs in the GS. Which opened the door for him to the ÖSV European Cup Team and shortly afterward into the ÖSV World Cup team.

In 1999 the first Austrian won the Giant Slalom. Benjamin Raich beat the Swiss skier Michael von Grünigen, with local hero Hermann Maier in third place.

In March 2002 Flachau hosted the World Cup Finals together with Altenmarkt-Zauchensee. Both the Men's and Ladies Giant Slalom and Slalom races were held in 2 days in Flachau. Ivica Kostelic won the Slalom race and Michael Von Gruenigen the Giant Slalom.

In January 2004 Benjamin Reich won his second Giant Slalom in Flachau on the Hermann Maier World Cup racecourse. The Finn Kalle Palander won the Slalom.

In December 2004 Flachau hosted again two World Cup Events. Canadian Thomas Grandi won the Giant Slalom, and Italian Giorgio Rocca won the Slalom Race.

On January 10th, 2010, a night-race was held for the first time under the floodlights in Flachau. Marlies Schild won the race and was crowned the first "Snow Space Princess".

The last time the Men raced in the Hermann Maier slope was in December 2011. The canceled races in Levi (Finland) were rescheduled in Flachau. It was the first time since the World Cup Finals Flachau held both the Ladies and Men's competition in the same season. Just like in 2010 the Salzburgerin Marlies Schild won again. On the Men's side, Ivica Kostelic won for the second time in Flachau.

Marco Schwarz won the last slalom event in the World Cup, in Adelboden on January 10th. Schwarz became the fourth different winner of the four slalom events so far this World Cup season.

Linus Straßer won the event in Zagreb and finished second in Adelboden.

Henrik Kristoffersen won this season's Slalom event in Madonna di Campiglio.