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Mikaela Shiffrin Wins Slalom in Killington

Mikaela Shiffrin continues in the path of victory in slalom with a demonstrative victory in Killington (Vermont, USA). After leading the first run of the second slalom of the season, Shiffrin finishes ahead of Petra Vlhova (+ 2.29) and Anna Swenn Larsson (+ 2.73). It's the 4th consecutive slalom victory for Shiffrin in Vermont. Mikaela equals Austrian legend Annemarie Moser-Pröll for second on the women's World Cup career list with a 62nd win. The record of 82 race wins is now held by Linsdey Vonn. "The record's keep going, don't they?" Mikaela laughed. "It's different from what Ingemar was able to do, or what Annemarie was able to do - to me, with these amazing racers, their records will last forever. It's a different generation, with different events. But the records are also a symbol of the work that I do and the work that my team does...the way that we all work together - it's like a family, and we're just doing the best we can every day".

Conditions were really challenging. An icy slope, flat light, and a turny set made for a gritty slalom. Even athletes that ended the day on the podium, such as Sweden’s Anna Swenn Larsson, said that the course was not one that any of the women felt good on. Shiffrin called the surface bulletproof and intimidating, and Vlhova said she had not skied ice quite like that in years. "Anywhere else, I might have gotten bumped off the course", said Shiffrin. "But the crowd here really carried me down the hill. It felt wild. Nobody likes to fall, but I really don’t like to fall. I felt really scrappy in the second run and was doing everything I could to keep my skis moving and make it down the course".


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