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Saas-Fee. Disneyland for Skiers

A few years ago I was having a coffee with one of the coaches from the US Alpine Downhill Ladies Team. We met for an interview which was published a few days later. He is Swiss and we talked about why he has chosen to work for the US Alpine Team. We also talked about his goals with the new team and some nerdy skier stuff (which was far too much to use in the interview later). One thing I remember is what he said about Saas-Fee and its summer ski resort: „You know“, he said, „Saas-Fee is like a Disneyland for skiers.“ I never saw it that way, but it actually sums it up quite perfect: In summer Saas-Fee hosts the top alpine skiers for their training. But also the top freestyle snowboarders and skiers. Saas-Fee is also the home base of the world’s finest Ski- and Snowboard Crosser and Aerial Skiers. Everybody has it’s own playground. Everybody shares pictures of the beautiful sunrises which will let you forget - once you are at 3’500m - that your alarm went on at 4 am for an early training day.

And what about winter? I think it’s the terrain and the facilities which shapes how someone skis or snowboards. And the valley we live in has so much to offer. We get the most epic powder days in November. Or March. Or April. Or May. We got 1800m vertical meters to ski without taking a single lift in between (once you are at the top). At the moment, we got nearly three weeks of sunshine in a row and perfect groomers. And the Snowpark at Morenia is the best we have seen it for years. Sure, we are all waiting for some more epic powder days, as we enjoyed them in November. But for the moment we are enjoying the perfect groomers and the amazing snowpark to its fullest.


Ski Paradise
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