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All-rounder Marco Odermatt Wins Wengen Super-G

Marco Odermatt continues his streaking winning run with a clear victory in the Super-G today in Wengen.

Odermatt, the leader in the overall World Cup standings, has won six World Cup events this season, including two Super-G races (Beaver Creek and Wengen. His nine World Cup podiums this season put him in a league of his own.

The 24-year-old ski Ace is the fourth Swiss man to achieve at least six World Cup wins in a single season, after Pirmin Zurbriggen (11 in 1986-1987, 6 in 1984-1985, 6 in 1989-1990), Paul Accola (7 in 1991-1992) and Carlo Janka (6 in 2009-2010).

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde finished in second place +0.23 seconds behind Odermatt.

Matthias Mayer rounded out the podium +0.58 back. It's his 20th podium in the Super-G and the 5th this in all disciplines (3 in Super-G, 1 in Downhill).


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