COVID-19 and Ski Resorts (II)

Take a long-distance view of the situation and wait until you find your line to come back. Foto: Ski Paradise

Everyone’s got a plan until they get hit, Joe Louis.

Tourism is a key sector for people living in mountain regions and destinations. For most of them, tourism is the most important industry and the principal revenue generator. The COVID-10 outbreak has led to an exceptional situation across the world has ever seen before.

The COVID-19 crisis has presented a horizon of uncertainty. Destinations face myriad challenges, both in the short and long term. However, after the storm comes the calm and the disease will pass, and life will go on. And you must be ready when the time comes. Mountain destinations should be ready to provide their guests with the best place to be after following a long period of isolation in their houses: the Mountain outdoors.

But...what happens when an unexpected event occurs beyond your company’s control that impacts how you relate and communicate with your customers? When companies are hit with a crisis of these proportions, it can be a defining moment. And their ability to weather the storm can dictate what their future holds. In the world of marketing, it's an all-hands-on team situation. Because communication is one of the most important keys to handle a disaster. Marketers talk frequently about how important it is to be agile and flexible. But in reality, most of them are working based on a fixed marketing plan driven by a budget and strategy that was locked down months before. But that is not enough. Marketing teams must add creativity and innovation to the mix. This is the time to excel as a marketer.

5 Things to consider doing after the COVID 19 hit Ski Resorts


One of the first things to do on the crisis checklist is to suspend all advertising. Lay off the pushy stuff. Online ads, AdWords campaigns, and your marketing automation must be pulled until you recover full control over the situation. You should also take advantage of this time to reassess your approach for the next season.