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Skiing in Saas-Fee is easier than ever with the Magic Pass

Saas-Fee November 2019. Picture: Ski Paradise

Saas-Fee is a beautiful village located in the canton of Valais at an altitude of 1,800 meters, in a valley surrounded by the highest mountains in the Swiss Alps. The Fee glacier and thirteen peaks of more than 4,000 meters, - among which is the Dom which with its 4,545 meters is the highest mountain in Switzerland and the third of the Alps-, surround Saas-Fee forming one of the landscapes most spectacular in the world.

Saas-Fee November 2019. Picture: Ski Paradise

Perhaps, the main strength of this ski resort is that snow is guaranteed. To be one of the most snow-reliable places in the Alps is a consequence of its orography and the presence of the impressive Fee glacier. But, in addition, to its unique natural conditions, it is added that 70% of the ski slopes in Saas-Fee are covered by a modern snow-making system.

Saas-Fee November 2019. Picture: Ski Paradise

And this winter, after three seasons of offering a promotional ski pass at a price well below the rest of the Swiss stations, Saas-Fee has joined the ski resorts that market the Magic Pass.

From this winter season 2019-2020, the ski resorts of the Saas Valley, Saas-Fee and Saas-Almagell, are part of the Magic Pass.

Saas-Fee November 2019. Picture: Ski Paradise

This winter, and in successive seasons, we can buy the Magic Pass, a ski pass that allows us to use unlimited ski lifts from more than 30 ski resorts, including 1,200 km of slopes, 15 snow parks, 100 mountain restaurants and impressive panoramas in the cantons of Bern, Valais, Freiburg, Vaud and Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

The Magic Pass is an annual pass valid from the opening of the ski lifts in May until the end of the following winter season.

The pass allows unlimited and unrestricted access to the entire ski lift infrastructure of all associated mountain destinations of:

This season, from its sale in March until the end of October 2019, the number of subscribers of the MAGIC PASS has reached the number of 133,200 subscribers.

The price of the Magic Pass has been increasing gradually since its launch on March 16. Until April 8, 2019, its price was 399 CHF. Subsequently, the price increased to CHF 549 and was available until November 11, 2019. From that date its price rose to CHF 899.

Magic Mountains Cooperation will present in spring 2020 for the main novelties of the MAGIC PASS 2020/2021.


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