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Roger Federer Teams up with Switzerland Tourism

If you are looking to promote your destination internationally, it helps to have the right partner who can help you attract tourists from all over the world, and celebrities can be a powerful tool. Celebs bring instant attention to a brand.

Unlike a spokesperson or endorser, brand ambassadors take a much more hands-on role in promoting your brand to the world. A brand ambassador actively promotes your destination to their audience.

Finding the right person is the more important task when it comes to choosing brand ambassadors.

And no doubt, there is no better one to promote his country than Roger Federer.

He embodies so many different values that a lot of brands can relate. The brands that have endorsed Federer in the past years tell the marketing value of the swiss ace: Uniqlo (Nike before that), Wilson, Credit Suisse, Mercedes, Rolex, Lindt, Jura, Moet & Chandon, Sunrise, and NetJets.

After years of representing Switzerland around the world in the tennis courts, Roger Federer has now become a brand ambassador for Switzerland Tourism — the country’s national tourism board.

Nobody better to promote Switzerland globally than this iconic personality wearing the Swiss Flag, officials at Switzerland Tourism are convinced. “This is a perfect match because Switzerland and its unblemished nature have clearly contributed to Roger’s unprecedented career” explains ST’s CEO, Martin Nydegger.

Guests will be able to discover Switzerland through Roger’s eyes with the goal of attracting them to visit Switzerland with its energizing nature. He presents his preferred places, Swiss highlights as well as hidden gems. “I have been all over the world. My favorite place has always remained Switzerland. It’s the country I miss the most when I’m traveling” confesses Federer.

Switzerland Tourism and Roger Federer share countless values. Establishing this partnership is a unique opportunity and of great importance to us. Making a difference while recovering from the challenges of the past months and beyond will be a journey with numerous highlights", emphasizes Nydegger.

The Swiss tennis star is highly motivated to support his home country, and he will do it for a charitable cause. The compensation for his appearances as the new ambassador for Switzerland Tourism goes to the Roger Federer Foundation supporting disadvantaged children in Switzerland.

The joint campaign started in April, targeting potential tourists from European cities. The next leg of the campaign will target potential tourists from the U.S., and then Asia Pacific travelers.

Roger Federer is joined in Switzerland Tourism's latest film by legendary actor and Oscar winner Robert De Niro. It features the unlikely duo, split between New York City and Zermatt, with a guest appearance from the towering Matterhorn. De Niro turns down an invitation by Federer to be part of a movie about Switzerland. He thinks, the destination is pure, impressive, and utterly beautiful - but there is no drama in Switzerland, something De Niro focuses his acting upon. The film can be seen online worldwide since last Tuesday. The film has been premiered exclusively across editions of Condé Nast Traveler.

I want to dedicate this post to the memory of my mother, Carmina, an unconditional admirer of Roger Federer and his number one fan.


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